The Credentialing Process


Credentialing Levels:


Level 1: Licensed Minister

This would be the entry point for all pastors new to the Be In Christ Church of Canada until requirements for Ordination are met.

Requirements of License:

All persons seeking credentials must complete the following for licensed status:

1) Pastoral Profile and Security Check:

  • Questionnaire
  • Vulnerable sector check

2) Reading for Initial Licensing:

  • Handbook on Faith and Life
  • Pastoral Way

3) Core Courses:

  • Core Course 1.0 (must be registered and attend in first year of credentialing/assignment).
    Focus: This is us, history, theological streams, culture, hermeneutics, cultural engagement, pastoral expectations, etc. (2.5 days)

  • Core Course 2.0 (must be registered and attend in second year of credentialing/assignment).
    Focus: Pastoral in nature (i.e. what have you experienced, what questions do you have, etc.), pastoral way, personality discovery, self awareness, cultural engagement follow-up, etc. (1.5 days)

Level 2: Ordained Minister

We would expect all Licensed Ministers to complete the necessary work for ordination in five years. 

Requirements of Ordination

All licensed pastors must complete one of the following three options within five years of beginning service to receive ordained status:

A) Bachelors degree in theological, biblical
or pastoral studies


B) BIC Certificate in Practical Theology -

Six courses completed at Emmanuel Bible College:

  • Hermeneutics / Biblical Interpretation
  • Old Testament Survey
  • New Testament Survey
  • Systematic Theology 
  • Christian History  
  • Be in Christ Theology – capstone course


C) Complete an approved academic program at a college or seminary


Credentialing Statuses:


An individual serving as a pastor in a local Be in Christ congregation.

Requirements for Retaining Credentials: (Whether licensed or ordained)

  • Attend Spring and Fall LEAD events, AGM, and participate in pastoral cluster group.

Inactive List – A list of persons who have held credentials with Be in Christ Church of Canada but 
no longer do.


Credentialing Process:


Be In Christ Church of Canada requires all pastoral / ministry staff to be credentialed by Be In Christ Church of Canada. This ensures a healthy theological fit between pastors and the denomination and the congregation they serve. While the process does take some time to complete, it helps ensure that the incoming pastor feels comfortable within the Be In Christ Church of Canada family of churches. As you begin the discernment process for a ministry position within or associated with Be In Christ Church of Canada, the following are the necessary steps:

Additional Steps Require Team Leader Guidance