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Credentialing Levels

Level 1
Licensed Minister

The entry point for all pastors new to the Be In Christ Church of Canada until requirements for Ordination are met.


A person seeking to be a “Licensed minister” must complete the following:

1) Pastoral Profile and Security Check

– Questionnaire
– Vulnerable Sector Check

2) Reading Course

– Handbook on Faith and Life
– The Pastoral Way

3) New Pastor’s Orientation

Orientation: ONE

The event will cover our history, theological streams, culture, hermeneutics, and pastoral vision and expectations.

Orientation: TWO

The focus will be on practical skills that help you become the best version of yourself.

Level 2
Ordained Minister

We would expect all Licensed Ministers to complete the necessary work for ordination in five years. 


A licensed pastor must complete one of the following three options within five years to receive ordained status:

A) Bachelors degree in theological, biblical or pastoral studies.


B) BIC Certificate in Practical Theology

Complete these courses at Emmanuel Bible College:

– Biblical Interpretation
– Old Testament Survey
– New Testament Survey
– Systematic Theology
– Christian History
– Be In Christ Theology


C) Complete an approved academic program at a college or seminary.

Credentialing Statuses


Individual serving as a pastor in a local Be In Christ congregation.

Requirements for Retaining Credentials
Attend LEAD events, AGM, and participate in regional cluster group.


Individual serving in a pastoral role requiring credentials but not within a local Be in Christ congregation (i.e., hospital, police or prison chaplaincy).

Requirements for Retaining Credentials
Attend one LEAD event per year and submit yearly report.


An individual of working age who has concluded their ministry as an assigned pastor or special assignment. This credential will be valid for up to one year. After which credentials will no longer be in place but can be re-activated on the recommendation of the appropriate team leader.

Requirements for Retaining Credentials
Attend Spring and Fall LEAD events.


Individual who after effective service in a credentialed role retires and wishes to retain credentials and is attending a Be In Christ congregation.

Requirements for Retaining Credentials
Pray for the church and attend events that one is able to where applicable.


Individual who is credentialed but whose ministry or credentials are under review for ethical, theological, or behavioural reasons.

Requirements for Retaining Credentials
The requirements to retain or have credentials restored will be determined on a case by case basis.

Credentialing Process

Be In Christ Church of Canada requires all pastoral and ministry staff to be credentialed by Be In Christ Church of Canada. This ensures theological alignment between pastors, the denomination and the congregation they serve. The process helps ensure that the incoming pastor feels comfortable within the Be In Christ Church of Canada family of churches. As you begin the discernment process for a ministry position within the Be In Christ Church of Canada, please read the material below.

STEP 1 – Self Assessment

To assess your compatibility with Be In Christ Church of Canada, read the following documents that express our theological views and core values.

Read the following:
1. Core Values
2. Articles of Faith & Doctrine (found in the Handbook on Faith and Life)
3. The content of The Pastoral Way website (

Watch the following teaching videos by Bruxy Cavey, Teaching Pastor at The Meeting House:
4. “Chosen One: The Law and the Land” (Episode 12 – The Staff and the Sword)
5. “Inglorious Pastors” (watch entire series)
6. The Emperor’s New Clothes  (Ep.1, April 11, 2010)
7. Just War: Understanding the Majority View  (Ep.4, May 02, 2010)

STEP 2 – Team Leader Interview

Please contact your team leader for the ministry expression within which you would like to serve. If you are new to the BIC and unsure about who your team leader would be, feel free to call or email Todd Lester.

Team Leaders

– Community Churches, contact Charlie Mashinter
– The Meeting House, go to TMH Careers site
– The Network, contact Matt Vincent

If you are considering a credential clergy role such as chaplain, spiritual director, para-church contact Doug Sider. If you have any questions, please contact the Be In Christ Church office.


Additional Credentialing Resources:

Currently Credentialed Pastors – Resources
Credentialing Update Survey (Annual survey for Special and Unassigned credentialed pastors)