Cluster Groups

Cluster groups are regional gatherings throughout Ontario and western Canada. Each fall, at the September Pastor’s Staff Meeting, cluster groups are reorganized and each pastor is assigned to a regional group. 

The purpose of the cluster groups is mutual support and encouragement for BIC pastors. As stated in The Pastoral Way vision, we believe that it important that our pastors move forward together as isolation weakens each of us and, considering the high challenge of pastoring a church, mutual support and camaraderie is important if we expect to last over the long-term. Therefore, the fellowship of the meal together is just as important as the learning component that is part of each gathering. Each gathering has a learning discussion that is based on assigned articles and readings. Articles and reading used for each cluster discussion will be posted below prior to the gathering and each pastor is expected to have read the material prior to the cluster gathering. 


For the year ahead each cluster group will meet four times. There will be no May cluster meeting due to the fact that a retreat is being planned for all Community Church leaders in later May. Each local cluster plans their meeting time and place but follows the general schedule of four meeting times: September, November, January, and March. Your cluster leader will be in contact with you about your local meeting details.


For each upcoming cluster group meeting, as reflected in the schedule above, your cluster leader will send out a scheduling email and attach the necessary readings for the next event.

Western Cluster

Leader: Charlie Mashinter

Group Members: Curtis (Massey Place), Ron (Clearview), Herb (Delisle), Carlin (Chaplain), Reno (Delisle), Karen (Massey Place), Grant (Clearview)

GTA Cluster

Leader: Charlie Mashinter

Group Members: Jonathan (The Village), Steve (Brooklin Village Church), Dale (Heise Hill), Aaron (The Parish), Steve (New Hope Belleville)

Southwest Cluster

Leader: Melanie Wigg, Todd Lester

Group Members: Shayne (Pathway), Steve (Rosebank), Charlene (Westheights), Scotty (Friday Night Lights), Dave (MCC), Ryan (The Mission), Melissa (Cross Roads), Ken (Other), Terry (Westheights), Bill (Interim Specialist), Mike (Fordwich), Buck (The Mission), Josh (Westheights), Don (EFC), Wanda (Pathway), Aaron (The Mission), Sarah (Westheights)

Georgian Bay Cluster

Leader: Jon Limmer

Group Members: Chris (Sauble), Steve (New Life), Matthew (Sixth Line), Corinne (Bluewater), Marilyn (Bluewater), Christopher (New Life), Keith (Oak Ridges), Ken (Sauble), Mike (Ledge), Jenna (Sauble), Ryan & Amy (Kahquah), Ken (Kearney), Brent (Covenant)

Hamilton Cluster

Leader: Matt Vincent

Group Members: Tim (New Life), Dave (Westside), Zac (Westside), Ken (Chaplain), Eric (Reunion), Jamie (The Dwelling Place)

Niagara Cluster

Leader: Jeremy Tyrrell, Brian Lofthouse

Group Members: Jeff (Trinity Life), Don (Orchard Creek), Kenol (Fallsview), Pat (Wainfleet), Renee (Wainfleet), André (Welland), Barbara Ann (Chaplain), Anne (Wainfleet), Frank (Crystal Ridge), Andrew (Welland), Larry (Welland), Carol (Wainfleet), Gord (Welland), Charmaine (BIC Global), Trevor (Wainfleet), Howard (Trinity Life), John (Port Colborne), Linda (Chaplain), Dan (Riverside), Caleb (Welland), Leonard (Archivist), Rachel (Fallsview), Jared (Boyle), Isaac (Port Colborne)

401 Cluster

Leader: Matt Vincent

Group Members: Wes (Reunion Belleville), Jason (The Pier), Keith (Christian Horizons), Peter (Reunion Kingston), Alison (Reunion Kingston), Jeremy (Reunion Brockville), Jon (The Pier)