Be In Christ Credentials

The Be In Christ Church of Canada requires all pastoral and ministry staff to be credentialed by Be In Christ Church of Canada. This ensures theological alignment between pastors, the denomination and the congregation they serve. The process described below is designed to ensure that the incoming pastor feels comfortable within the Be In Christ Church of Canada family of churches.

There are two levels of credentialing with the Be In Christ Church of Canada. The entry point for all new pastors is the licensing level. Once all requirements have been completed, the second level of credentials is ordination.

The requirements for licensing level are listed below. The additional requirements for ordination are primarily educational. Those include either a bachelor’s degree in theology, biblical or pastoral studies or the BIC Certificate in Practical Theology.

Credentialing Process

As you begin the discernment process for a ministry position within the Be In Christ Church of Canada, please read the material below. If you have any questions during the process please contact your team leader.

STEP 1 – Self Assessment

To assess your compatibility with the Be In Christ church, read the following documents and watch the videos that express our theological views and core values.


1. Core Values

2. Articles of Faith & Doctrine

3. The content of (this) The Pastoral Way website.


4. Chosen One: The Law and the Land

5. Inglorious Pastors Series

6. The Emperor’s New Clothes

7. Just War: Understanding the Majority View

STEP 2 – Team Leader Meeting

The BIC has three expressions of churches. Although we are one family with shared mission, vision and values, we recognize and embrace the different expression of churches that exist within our denomination. Please contact your team leader for the ministry expression within which you would like to serve. If you unsure about who your team leader would be, feel free to call or email Todd Lester. The team leaders for each expression are listed below:

– Community Churches, Charlie Mashinter
– The Meeting House, go to TMH Careers
– The Network, Matt Vincent

If you are considering a credentialed clergy role such as chaplain, spiritual director, or para-church ministry contact Charlie Mashinter.

STEP 3 – Application

Only proceed with step three based on affirmation from a Team Leader to do so.

After reading through the above material, please complete the Credentialing Profile & Questionnaire package. Please complete it on your computer, save and send it back via email to your Team Leader.  In addition, we will need a personal digital photo.

STEP 4 – Background Check

We require you to provide a recent Criminal Record Check, validated in the last twelve months, from your local police department including Vulnerable Sector report. Please have the results sent directly to our office at Be In Christ Church of Canada, 2700 Bristol Circle, Oakville, ON L6H 2N9.

STEP 5 – Credentialing Interview

Once all documentation has been submitted, you will need to request to schedule an interview with the appropriate leader within Be In Church of Canada. This interview will be activated by someone from the denominational office. When the interview is successfully completed, a recommendation will go forward to the Senior Resource Team for review and final approval.  

STEP 6 – Issuing of Credentials

Licensed Minister credentials will be issued once a ministry assignment with Be In Christ Church of Canada has been finalized. This is a five-year status, giving you time to take next steps to complete your credentialing requirements and further theological education and move toward Ordained Minister status. There are a number of continuing steps you are required to take. Please read through the following carefully.

All of our credentialed pastors must receive theological education in order to equip them for the complexities of ministry in the 21st Century. Pastoral ministry is a high calling and demands that our pastors be sharp, theologically aware, and culturally relevant. Your credential status requires that you have completed a bachelor’s degree in theological, biblical or pastoral studies or an equivalent level of study. The education requirement is to be completed within five years of granting of Ministerial License. Contact our office if you would like more information.

Within the first two years of service, we cordially require all of our new pastors to attend and complete the onboarding process, New Pastors Orientation Retreat, that is offered annually.

The New Pastors Orientation Retreat will acclimatize you to the BIC Pastoral Community by focusing on our history, theological streams, culture, hermeneutics, cultural engagement, and pastoral expectations.

Because of our commitment to living in community with each other, we expect all of our credentialed ministers to attend and fully participate in ongoing LEAD development events as well as Annual General Meeting. 

Credentialing Statuses

There are six statuses that a credentialed person can hold in the Be In Christ. At least one status is required to maintain credentials. The statuses are set by the BIC office. Changes or concerns regarding your credential status can be expressed in writing to the Senior Resource Team.

Please note that credentials with us are tied to a ministry assignment and when a ministry assignment is completed, your credentials will be archived until another ministry assignment is obtained. 


Individual serving as a pastor in a local Be In Christ congregation.

Requirements for Retaining Credentials
Attend LEAD events, AGM, and participate in regional cluster group.


Individual serving in a pastoral role requiring credentials but not within a local Be in Christ congregation (i.e., hospital, police or prison chaplaincy).

Requirements for Retaining Credentials
Attend one LEAD event per year and submit yearly report.


An individual of working age who has concluded their ministry as an assigned pastor or special assignment. This credential will be valid for up to one year. After which credentials will no longer be in place but can be re-activated on the recommendation of the appropriate team leader.

Requirements for Retaining Credentials
Attend all required LEAD events.


Individual who after effective service in a credentialed role retires and wishes to retain credentials and is attending a Be In Christ congregation.

Requirements for Retaining Credentials
Pray for the church and attend events that one is able to where applicable.


Individual who is credentialed but whose ministry or credentials are under review for ethical, theological, or behavioural reasons.

Requirements for Retaining Credentials
The requirements to retain or have credentials restored will be determined on a case by case basis.


If you have any questions please contact the Be In Christ Church office.