As noted on our Theology webpage, the Be In Christ theological identity is most closely aligned with the historic anabaptist movement with additional influence from Wesleyanism, pietism, and evangelicalism. Most Christian resources are created from a reformed perspective and do not share our anabaptist vision of what it means to follow Jesus. Below are some resources that have close alignment with our theological identity.

Peaceful at Heart

While there are plenty of books by men, for men, on the topic of “Christian masculinity,” these books generally fail to address men’s propensities for violence and the traditional inequity between men and women, often endorsing inequity and sanctioning aggressive behavior as an appropriate “manly” response to conflict. Peaceful at Heart offers a uniquely Anabaptist Christian perspective on masculinity. The vision of masculinity presented in this book is for a manhood that is peaceful, just, caring, and more sensitive to women and children than both traditional images of masculinity and the hyper masculine images promoted by contemporary popular culture and wider evangelical Christianity.

The study guide below is a companion to the book Peaceful at Heart by Dan Epp-Tiessen and is published in partnership with Mennonite Central Committee to facilitate conversations about masculinity, church and our Christian faith. A Kindle version of the Peaceful at Heart book is now available through Amazon. For the free PDF study guide, click on the cover below.

Hunger For Justice Youth Guide

The Hunger for Justice, Learning and Reflection Guide for Youth Groups is designed for Christian youth and school groups in Canada who wish to explore how Christians are called to respond to hunger, and other injustices, in the world. Click on the image below to visit the Canadian Foodgrains website for more information.

Anabaptist Prayer Books

Anabaptist Mennonite Seminary (AMS) has produced anabaptist books for prayer and study. AMS states, “The distinctive Anabaptist flavour of this collection of daily prayers is evident in the predominance of Jesus’ voice, the space for communal reflection on scripture, and the specific choices of Bible readings.” Click on the book covers below to jump to the site to learn more about the resources. 

Anabaptist Witness

The Anabaptist Witness is a periodical of dialogue for the worldwide global anabaptist and Mennonite church. The Witness seeks to create a forum for conversation around mission theology and practice for the broad and diverse constituency that considers itself part of the anabaptist tradition. Click on the cover below to jump to the site to read the current issue.

Global Anabaptist Mennonite Encyclopedia

The Global Anabaptist Mennonite Encyclopedia Online (GAMEO) originally started in a 5-volume book format transitioned to an online portal. It is a searchable wiki of all things anabaptist and Mennonite. This is the place to go if you want to geek out on Mennonite history and tradition. If you are unsure of where to start, begin with the article on Menno Simons. Click on the cover below to jump to the site.


Intersections is a quarterly periodical for promoting theory and practice-based examination of the wide range of issues that Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) and its partners encounter in carrying out disaster relief, community development, and peacebuilding initiatives. Intersections offers a space for MCC staff and partners, along with academics and development, disaster response, and peacebuilding practitioners to reflect critically and constructively on MCC’s work. Click on the cover below to jump to the site.