The Be In Christ theological identity is most closely aligned with the historic anabaptist movement that arrived in Pennsylvania in the late 18th century and later spread to Canada. However, significant influence also came from Wesleyanism, pietism, and evangelicalism. In describing our theological tradition, someone aptly said that in the history of the BIC church anabaptism is the trunk and Wesleyanism, pietism, and evangelicalism are the branches.

Below are resources related to the areas of most theological differentiation. There are many other anabaptist resources available in the resources section of this website that are not as theological in nature. If you are aware of resources that would be a helpful addition to this site, please send them to Todd Lester for addition to this website.


To help you develop a deeper understanding of anabaptism, we have curated a collection of readings and resources that will help you on your journey to better understand our theological heritage. 

Classic Readings

There are some classic books below that would be a good starting point for understanding anabaptism. Please note that during his lifetime John Howard Yoder came into personal disrepute for sexual abuse charges. However, his book, The Politics of Jesus, is still considered a seminal text for its content. I have chosen to list it here as an option for you to consider.

Additional Readings

Although the books below are not written as specifically anabaptist texts, they are well worth reading as they speak into particular aspects of Christian living and theology related to our vision of discipleship.

Bruxy Cavey Teaching

As the Senior pastor of one of the world’s largest BIC churches, Bruxy Cavey has become a visible and important voice for modern anabaptist thinking. Below are some links to blog posts and YouTube videos from Bruxy that articulate theological distinctives embraced by many anabaptists today.

Inglorious Pastors Sermons
Seven Part Series
Word of God Blog Posts
Atonement Theory
Understanding The Atonement
The Gospel In Chairs

Mennonite Central Committee

Mennonite Central Committee produces wonderful resources on social justice and peace building. Below is an ebook called Pursuing Peace. For more excellent resources from MCC, visit their website.